We make apps that fly!

Our purpose is to make awesome apps, websites and software solutions to enhance industry practices.


PATAGIA is a software solution design and build agency. We make great websites, design and build or project manage apps and design and create iBooks.

No matter how large or small, if you have a project in mind, talk to us. We can help you design your project, create wireframes to visualise the software in more detail, and when you are ready to move forwards, we can either build the app in house or help you chose the right company to construct your software solution.

When designing and managing apps and software solutions, we are very keen on the Agile approach which is designed to reduce risk and ultimately reduce cost by increasing reliability. Read here for more details.

Our most recent app project is ‘Travel Expert’, launched towards the end of 2013. It is a travel app originally designed for aircrew globally, providing crew the ability to share reviews, see pictures and organise discounts for activities, restaurants etc when down route. We are expanding the Travel Expert range with our website – www.travelexpert.wiki – and range of individual city apps for the public.

Creating your own app can be complex and Patagia can help guide you through that process. After an initial discussion, we sit down together to discuss the general overview, and to drill into the specific requirements. We can then build a ‘wireframe’ (similar in principle to a sketch of the software solution – a design with working buttons to show what functionality is on each page). This significantly helps to understand the requirements of the app in finer detail. Once a full specification is agreed, Patagia can either build your app, or help you find the right coding company to suit your requirements.

We have already designed, built and commissioned software solutions for a number of companies and individuals. We also have a number of apps both in use and in production. If you would like to discuss your ideas, please contact us anytime – hello@patagia.co.uk

 Our Team

  • Matthew has been flying for over 12 years and is currently operating longhual routes on one of the World’s most technologically advanced planes. Matt has also been designing and developing apps and websites, predominantly for small businesses. It is Matthew’s vision for simple, effective websites and apps which is driving development at Patagia.

    Matthew Nicholson

    Matthew Nicholson - Founder, Designer

  • Trystan specialises in artwork design and website construction where he has over 5 years experience in industries such as electronics, food and beverage and sports and leisure. He predominantly works with the WordPress platform for creating websites that are efficient, easy to navigate and attractive. He also is proficient in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign for creating artwork from logos to printed promotional media. In his spare time he enjoys hiking, mountain biking and scuba diving and is currently learning Cantonese.

    Trystan Grace

    Trystan Grace - Designer

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