Build Your Own Website

Two day course – learn HOW to build your site, then build it with experts on hand.


Subjects include (but are not limited to):

  • domain names
  • website hosting
  • themes
  • installing wordpress
  • building a site in wordpress
  • editing a site
  • graphics

Day One

On day one we take you through the HOW of building websites. This predominantly includes the subjects listed above. The day is completely tailored to suit you: start and finish times, location and content.

Day Two

On day two you get to design and build your own website. From project design to publishing your polished site, whilst you build your site, our teacher is with you the whole way to both teach, guide and explain so that by the end of this session, you have the knowledge to maintain your website.




  • ”How

    The course costs £350 per day, minimum two days. Subject to the complexity of your site, you may also like to go to three days. If the course is run outside of Oxfordshire, we may charge expenses. Please call for details.
  • ”Where

    Either you come to us, or we come to you, as you prefer. We are based in Oxford. If you are outside Oxford that is not a problem, but we may need to charge expenses.
  • ”What

    Times are flexible, to suit you. We can start at 0930, and would then aim to finish mid afternoon. However, if you would like to start earlier or finish later, that should be no problem with a little notice.
  • ”What

    Paper and pen, and a clear head. If you have a computer, that is a bonus. Otherwise you can use one of ours.
  • ”Do

    Not at all. We will teach you all you need to get up and running, and assume prior knowledge.
  • ”I

    That’s fine too. If you do not want a course but would like us to build your website for you, get in touch anytime to tell is what you need.
  • ”But

    No problem. If you already have your own wordpress based website, we can tailor a one day course on how to manage your own site. Or we can create an instruction manual & accompanying videos for you to manage your site.

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